Trunk Song


sat in my trunk and took me a toke
that girl from providence was
a rose
she went to ireland ,
then she came back
and brought me a coat
i’m burning, touring; tired on road
i sent them cycling when i spoke
i’m talking chakras
those spiral wheels that cycle
with tone

i feel the light and anchor it whole
that feeling deeper down in your soul
ill travel anywhere and
it’s home
one thing that i know is that i don’t
know one thing
watching sirius glow
In ground but somehow i’m
so far from home

go wash your hands dry
what did you dance like
all in the late night?
glance through the glass eyes
glancing right back
i’m not who you think i am

don’t let the day deprive
pick up your pace
or you’re wasting time
oh an i’d like a vacant mind
oh well id like a vacant mind

when they say
you’re hard to know
how can i drop
the hold?
go tow your weight
or watch it fold

all your bones
on your own
all your bones

Par Jelani Aryeh

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