Lately you haven’t stopped racing
Spending your days in the basement
Building up more to the playlist
Maybe I’m somewhat mistaken
everything around you is breaking
Know that you’re desperate, you’re shaking
Working so hard just to make it
Wishin that you could be famous
Don’t you just wish you could shape shift
Instead of the kid who is nameless
Be someone special like David
Breath in, it’s just the beginning
Keep cooking up in the kitchen
Never give up on the vision
They say that it’s luck but it isn’t
Darling, it’s all in persistence

Me acuerdo quando eras chico
Mira como as crecido
Tienes un muy buen oído
Pero estás distraido
Relájate un poquito
Tienes que estar más tranquilo
Conéctate a tus sentidos
Piérdete adentro del ritmo

all you need is patience
baby please have patience
all you need is patience

Par Julian LaMadrid

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