Life As It Comes


Everybody needs this kinda love
Only to taste and not to fall back onto some kind of evil
A love so light, I wouldn’t notice
A love so light, I wouldn’t believe it

And all this got me thinking
Until all this fades out and time catches up to me
Blurs up my mind and tires me out
I’ll make the most of it all

I wouldn’t have it any other way
No mask on, no cover
All clear, like a clueless lover
Guess faking’s absurd

Wouldn’t waste up my words
Just to cut through the herd
Just to play the part in your Hollywood scripted picture

It’s my life, I’m going my way
It’s my life, I’ll do it my way
And all I’m tryna get to is
Make it worth your while

And don’t go take this for granted
Life’s too short to be missing out

So take the rise, take the fall, take it all
Take life as it comes brother
Cause no one else will live it for you

Yea no one else will live it for you

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