It’s Alright


She’s looking for her freedom while he’s on her mind
searching high and low but she will never find
what became of him but the flame won’t end cuz they met and fell in love
She’s running out of money and she’s out of time,
they’ve got her face on tape and there’s no rewind
and all the things she hid
all the things she said,
crazy things she did for love.

He said
oh oh oh

it’s alright,
it’s alright

she’s moving over mountains and she’s pushing skies
she’s looking for a lover that she’ll never find
and she ask why, can’t I leave this all behind
she’s crossing over oceans with no silver lining
the loss of him has left her with no sense of time and
so it never ends,
it’s sink or swim,
for the citzens of love.

He said

oh oh oh
it’s alright it’s alright.

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